Woodminster Amphitheater is a WPA-era construction, and one of Oakland's most interesting historical venues. Download a pdf file of Guide to Woodminster Amphitheater for Patrons with Disabilities or Limited Mobility.

Courtesy Seating

For all events, a minimum of 25 lower section seats and 70 upper section seats are held for people with limited ability to ambulate, climb stairs, and/or stand up, and up to two of their companions. Producers Associates Inc. is fully committed to compliance with the provisions of The American with Disabilities Act. Please direct inquiries to Harriet Schlader (510) 531-9597 or For general information about the City’s ADA policies, please contact the ADA Programs Division at 510-238-5219 (510-238-2007 for TTY users) or via e-mail at

Guide to Woodminster Amphitheater for

Patrons with Disabilities or Limited Mobility

for the Woodminster Summer Musicals


Part of the charm of Woodminster Amphitheater is the historic 80 year old amphitheater on the beautiful hillside of Joaquin Miller Park. We want everyone to be able to enjoy this idyllic, woodsy environment, and we are always eager to work with our patrons to make sure each theater-goer has comfortable access to our shows.


If you or someone in your party has a disability or limited mobility, ordering your tickets early and talking on the phone with a person when ordering will do much to assure your requirements and comfort.  Call 510-531-9597. Our box office, located at Woodminster Amphitheater in Joaquin Miller Park, is staffed between 11 am and 4 pm, weekdays after June 1 and every day after July 1 until the end of the season. (Before June 1, you’ll get quicker response by calling Harriet at 510-339-0241.)


Amphitheater Access

We have spaces for wheelchairs with adjacent companion seats at the top of the amphitheater in sections 1, 2, 4, and 5, as well as close to the stage in Box A.  Those at the top of the amphitheater are wheelchair accessible from the Upper Gate (across from parking lot 5), and those in Box A are accessible from the Lower Gate (from parking lot 1).  Both gates have paved path or ramp access, and there are accessible bathrooms on both levels.


The performance-night box office is at the Upper Gate, but patrons with actual tickets in hand may use either entrance.  Will-call  pickup for phone sales and online purchases is at the Upper Gate, so we suggest that if your tickets are in Box A, you arrange to receive your tickets in advance.


Accessible Parking

There are four paved ADA parking spaces in parking lot 1 and five in parking lot 5 that are reserved for patrons with Disabled Persons placards or plates. Additional parking for patrons with Disabled Persons placards or plates is also available in parking lot 5 due to its level access to the upper theater entrance. These additional spaces are covered with wood chips because the lot is also a dog park, which may necessitate a drop-off in a paved area. Persons with mobility devices may be dropped off near either entrance. The paved accessible parking spaces tend to fill up quickly. To get the paved spaces with the easiest access to the theater, we suggest that you arrive at least an hour before the performance, or at least 90 minutes on Saturdays. The picnic tables at the theater open two and a half hours prior to the show (5:30 for an 8:00 show).


Picnic Facilities

Picnic tables inside the amphitheater may be purchased by theater-goers and can be reserved in advance by phone or at the box office. There are several on the same level as the main gate that do not require patrons to climb stairs. Two of the tables on the main gate level are wheelchair accessible. There is a third accessible picnic table on the lower level just outside the stage door that is first-come, first-served.


Your Comfort and Safety

Keep in mind that when you arrive for shows in July or August, it will still be light; in September, it will be darker.  Since it’s a park, the lighting when you leave will be minimal, so be ready to use your flashlight app getting back to your car.  Always wear casual, comfortable clothing and shoes that support your feet as you walk on various surfaces.  No matter how warm it is where you live, it may be 15 degrees cooler at the amphitheater, so bring warm coats or blankets and just leave them in your car if you don’t need them.


Welcome to Woodminster Summer Musicals!

We hope you will enjoy our shows, performed in Oakland’s historic and beautiful Woodminster Amphitheater. Please contact us so we can help make your experience comfortable and fun. Feel free to email us or call us with questions regarding accommodations at (510) 531-9597 or


Download this information as a printable pdf file.


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