Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice

Book by Linda Woolverton


Directed by Joel Schlader

Choregraphed by Jody Jaron

Conducted by Michael Horsley

Choral Direction by Carl Danielsen

Scenic Design by Maggie Lamb


Disney's Beauty and the Beast is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

  • Show Details

    This lovable stage version of Beauty and the Beast was adapted from the 1991 Academy-Award winning animated Disney film, and was a steppingstone to 2017’s live action film.  We think the stage version has a special magic, where audiences get to see actors transform before their very eyes.


    Originally a classic French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast tells the story of  Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed into his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.


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  • Who's Who

    Director - Joel Schlader

    Conductor - Michael Horsley

    Choral Direction - Carl Danielsen

    Choreographer - Jody Jaron

    Scenic Designer - Maggie Lamb

    Lighting - Jon Gourdine

    Sound - Carole Davis

    Costumes - Lisa Danz & Alison Morris

    Props - Lisa Danz

    Specialty Props - Billy Sander

    Stage Manager - Anastasia Wirth*

    Assistant Stage Manager - Judy Boraas*



    (in order of appearance)

    Beast … Adam Maggio*

    Belle … Jennifer Alexis Mitchell

    Lefou … John Tichenor*

    Gaston … Will Springhorn Jr.*

    Three Silly Girls … Megan Bartlett, Julia Brunelli, Claire Shiell

    Maurice ... Loej Daschler

    Cogsworth … Dwight Mahabir*

    Lumiere … Carl Danielsen*

    Babette … Ashley Cowl*

    Mrs. Potts … Dyan McBride*

    Chip … Madison Schlader

    Madame de la Grande Bouche … Jenny Matteucci

    Ensemble … Megan Bartlett, Joy Breed, Julia Brunelli, Charlotte Curtin, Emma Curtin, Rod Voltaire Edora*, Natalie Fong, Cai Freeman, Blake Hennessy-York, Meg Jaron, Gavin Kaneshiro, Jocelyn Kelleher, Fox Klatt-Breed, William Klatt-Breed, Rune Lauridsen, Julia Ludwig, Maya Martinez-Krams, Brandon Masterson, Sean McGrory, Zach Moorhead, Bryan Munar, Sarah Pon, Sebastian Romeo, Johann Santos, Todd Schlader*, Crismeldy Segura, Claire Shiell, Bobby Singer, Margaret Taylor, Scott Taylor-Cole, Burton Thomas, Oscar Tsukayama, Sophia Tuma


    *member of Actors Equity Association.

    Adam Maggio*


    Jennifer Alexis Mitchell


    John Tichenor*

    Le Fou

    Will Springhorn Jr.*


    Loej Daschler


    Dwight Mahabir*


    Carl Danielsen*


    Ashley Cowl*


    Dyan McBride*

    Mrs. Potts

    Madison Schlader


    Jenny Matteucci

    Madame De La Grande Bouche


    Megan Bartlett

    Silly Girl 1

    Julia Brunelli

    Silly Girl 2

    Claire Shiell

    Silly Girl 3

    Joy Breed

    Charlotte Curtin

    Emma Curtin

    Rod Voltaire Edora*

    Natalie Fong

    Cai Freeman

    Blake Hennessy-York

    Meg Jaron

    Gavin Kaneshiro

    Jocelyn Kelleher

    Fox Klatt-Breed

    William Klatt-Breed

    Rune Lauridsen

    Julia Ludwig

    Maya Martinez-Krams

    Brandon Masterson

    Sean McGrory

    Zach Moorhead

    Bryan Munar

    Sarah Pon

    Sebastian Romeo

    Johann Santos

    Todd Schlader*

    Crismeldy Segura

    Bobby Singer

    Margaret Taylor

    Scott Taylor-Cole

    Burton Thomas

    Oscar Tsukayama

    Sophia Tuma

  • Media

    Publicity Photos

    Any photos on this website may be used for any editorial or social media purposes.  Click on links to download web versions (about 600 pixels) and print versions (about 1800 pixels).  * indicates member of Actors' Equity Association

    Photos are by Kathy Kahn.  Email for different resolution, or with questions.

    Gaston (Will Springhorn, Jr.*), center, shows his strength by lifting Belle (Jennifer Mitchell) and  Lefou (John Tichenor*)

    WEB      PRINT

    L, Jennifer Mitchell as Belle, the "beauty" in the title.

    WEB      PRINT

    Madame de la Grand Bouche (Jenny Matteucci) shows her drawers to Belle (Jennifer Mitchell), Mrs. Potts (Dyan McBride*), and Chip (Madison Schlader)

    WEB      PRINT

    Lefou (John Tichenor*) is impressed by Gaston (Will Springhorn, Jr.*)

    WEB      PRINT

    Gaston (Will Springhorn, Jr.*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Belle (Jennifer Mitchell) is not impressed by Gaston.

    WEB      PRINT

    Gaston (Will Springhorn, Jr.*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Lumiere (Carl Danielsen*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Cogsworth (Dwight Mahabir*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Chip (Madison Schlader) with Belle (Jennifer Mitchell)


    WEB      PRINT

    Mrs. Potts (Dyan McBride*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Cogsworth (Dwight Mahabir*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Madame de la Grand Bouche (Jenny Matteucci)


    WEB      PRINT

    Babette (Ashley Cowl*)


    WEB      PRINT

    Lumiere (Carl Danielsen*) with Babette (Ashley Cowl*)


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    (Carl Danielsen*)


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