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The Woodminster Summer Musicals are produced with the support of a dedicated Advisory Board of Directors, long-time East Bay residents and community arts boosters. Over the years, Producers Associates' tenancy has helped keep the amphitheater and surrounding area maintained, discouraged vandalism, and made a number of substantial improvements to the performance facility, including audience seating as well as improved lighting and sound systems. They have worked with the Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation and the City’s Park & Rec Department to facilitate a number of other improvements, and have kept their organization financially solvent for 50 years while contributing to the artistic vitality and economic health of the City of Oakland.  All new members serve for one or more years as Associate Board members to learn about the organization and find their strengths as Woodminster supporters before moving onto the Advisory Board.


Producers Associates Seeks NEW BOARD MEMBERS who will:


• Enthusiastically support and attend Woodminster Summer Musicals regularly.

• Enjoy musical theater and support the perpetuation of this American art form.

• Support an established effort which provides a training ground for young people to work with professionals in a professional atmosphere, on stage and backstage.

• Support an organization which helps keep young people busy during the summer in a constructive atmosphere.

• Support an established organization which provides participation for community people who love to sing and dance and where they can continue to improve their skills.

• Help us to raise the difference between income from ticket sales, contributions and our operating budget.

New participants will serve on the Associate Board ("Woodbackers") for one year or more, where they will be expected to attend at least one board meeting and help the Advisory Board sell drawing tickets on performance nights.

Full Advisory Board members are expected to attend most of the Board meetings, give advice to the producers about show selections, any fund raising activities planned, and to actively participate on two committees.

Please contact
Harriet Schlader if you may be interested.


Producers Associates, Inc.

Corporate Officers

Harriet Schlader • President

Joel Schlader • Vice President

Jackie Hunt • Treasurer

Gary Rinehart • Secretary

Karen Fong • Director


Advisory Board of Directors

Ed Loss • President

Randy Burke • Vice President

Julie Kwan • Secretary

Bernadette Cowl*

Ken Cowl

David Flack*

Jeffrey Fong*

Karen Fong*

Sharon Heckel*

Merrilee Mitchell

Debbie Naganuma

Denise Naylor

Tyler Pon*

Ken Ross

Wilma Ryan

Peggy Stackable

Irene Thompson

Diane Weiland

Alice Youmans


Honorary Board Members

Regina Del Valle*

Fred DeVinney*

Gordon and Marge Laverty

Richard* and Betty Wren


Burt Amaral

Marsha Amaral

Jim Despeaux

Louie Despeaux

Bob Dister

Laurie Donaldson

Darlene Fong

Ron Lew

Mary Rodgers

Debbie Spangler

Alvin Thoma

Vivien Tuma

Nadia Wirolubowich


*former Board President


Woodminster Summer Musicals produced in cooperation with the City of Oakland Parks & Recreation Department.

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