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Under The Stars

Since 1967

Serious facility problems noted in these photos January 7, 2017.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

Backstage, stage right

This leak is between the women's dressing room and the breezeway door.

Note the water runs down the wall and pools on the floor.

Close-up of water pooling on the floor from the leak by the breezeway.

A similar leak is on the same side of the stage, but over the box office.  The ladder is to dump the bucket where we're catching the water.

Backstage, stage left, Scene shop

This leak is in the scene shop, mainly above the paint sink, but spilling onto the floor and right next to electricity.

Also in the scene shop, another leak has caused dry rot in a load-bearing column.

Control Booth, top of Amphitheater seating

The control booth, with essential lighting and sound equipment, has leaking and dry rot.

picnic area, above the stage

Aging drains clog and water pools on the roof, causing leaks below.

Concessions booth at Amphitheater top

This is the interior of the old concessions booth, where there is black mold.  It has been sealed but shouldn't be used except for sealed storage.  Certainly the concerts staff should not cook in here.

The new concessions booth that we built in 2016 sustained damage during the fall concerts.  Here is an example of floors that are bowed because water was left to pool on the floor at the end of the day.

Supports were broken by concerts concessions staff on this shelf structure.